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The Leibniz Association connects 95 independent research institutions that range in focus from the natural, engineering and environmental sciences via economics, spatial and social sciences to the humanities. Leibniz Institutes address issues of social, economic and ecological relevance. They conduct knowledge-driven and applied basic research, maintain scientific infrastructure and provide research-based services.

The Leibniz Association identifies focus areas for knowledge transfer to policy-makers, academia, business and the public. Leibniz institutions collaborate intensively with universities – in the form of “Leibniz ScienceCampi” (thematic partnerships between university and non-university research institutes), for example – as well as with industry and other partners at home and abroad.

They are subject to an independent evaluation procedure that is unparalleled in its transparency. Due to the importance of the institutions for the country as a whole, they are funded jointly by the Federation and the Länder, employing some 20,000 individuals, including 10,000 researchers. The entire budget of all the institutes is approximately 1.9 billion euros.


The Leibniz Programme for Women Professors seeks to significantly increase the number of excellent female researchers in leading positions within the Leibniz Association’s member institutes. When academics are planning their careers, firm prospects are a particularly important decision-making criterion, which is why the Leibniz Programme for Women Professors offers either a permanent position or a tenure-track position guaranteed by the university and the Leibniz Institute in question.

The Leibniz Programme for Women Professors is also a tool to further strengthen the substance and strategy of the Leibniz Association’s partnerships with universities, and generates additional impetus for the creation of further joint appointments.

Successful candidates will receive funding of up to 1.7 million euros to fund their own research group over a period of five years. This may include personnel costs for the group leader, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral staff, as well as funds for equipment and facilities.

The Leibniz Institute and the collaborating university guarantee either a tenure-track or an unlimited position on the W2/W3 pay scale (comparable to an associate or full professorship) for the designated Leibniz professor.

In the case of a tenure-track professorship, the institute and the university will decide together whether to convert the position into a permanent post at least a year before the end of the funding phase.

The Leibniz Programme for Women Professors is open to women in all disciplines who have an outstanding international track record. It supports both the recruitment of already established women professors as well as first-time appointments.

Applicants must have a track record of outstanding academic work in their field. They will be assessed on the basis of their academic qualifications and future career prospects. The proposed scientific project will be judged according to its academic and methodological quality, its prospects of success as well as its contribution to strategic scientific collaboration between the institute and the university department in question.

The Leibniz Association explicitly encourages applications from international candidates.

Candidates need the support of the Leibniz Institute of their choice in the application process. Interested researchers should therefore start by contacting their chosen Leibniz Institute. Applications are submitted to the Leibniz Headquarters by the director of the Leibniz Institute in question.

Please get in touch with the respective Leibniz Institute early enough to allow sufficient time for application procedures. For a list of all Leibniz Institutes and contact persons, please visit https://www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/en/about-us/leibniz-competition/best-minds/.

The Leibniz Institutes will inform the Leibniz Headquarters of their potential candidates for a Leibniz Professorship by 27 March 2020 via an expression of interest. Full applications must be submitted by the Leibniz Institutes by 30 April 2020. Applications undergo an external peer review process and are evaluated by an interdisciplinary academic panel. Funding can start any time after 1 January 2021.

Further information on the call for applications and application procedure can be found at: https://www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/en/about-us/leibniz-competition/leibniz-competition-2021/

Please also check our FAQs: https://www.leibniz-gemeinschaft.de/en/about-us/leibniz-competition/leibniz-competition-2021/faq/

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